Award Rules & Regulations

Department Store Jury

. The decision of the jury is final and binding.

. Votes will be collected by Kuechler Treuhand, Switzerland ( - which will conduct the poll independently, in fiduciary duty. Kuechler Treuhand will communicate the 10 most nominated department stores for each Award to the jury.

. The jury can request additional documents from the most nominated department stores  in order to declare the winner.

. Details of the Jury meeting will not be disclosed.

. The jury and/or organiser will not be entering into any correspondence or whatsoever regarding feedback on the Award selection process, discussion or whatsoever.

. Award Jury members have to declare any conflict of interest and sustain from voting if this case is given or arises.


. Responses to the questionnaires are treated with highest confidentiality; personal data (name, addresses etc.) are discarded and in no way shared with any third parties or used for any other purposes.

. All material submitted to the jury by department stores will be treated as well with highest confidentiality and in no way shared with any third party; no record will be held.